Find workers using MySupport


What is MySupport?

Have you ever struggled to find a support worker for yourself or your family member? MySupport is a tool to help meet your needs. Simply create a profile, answer some questions about yourself and look through our database to find a worker in your area that matches your needs. If you don't find one that's a good fit, our community management specialist will work with you to recruit more workers in your area. MySupport is free of charge.


Who is eligible to use MySupport? 

Currently, MySupport is available free of charge to people with disabilities enrolled in the Developmental Disabilities Waiver and to people with disabilities enrolled in the CCC+ program who have Anthem Healthkeepers Plus as their MCO.


How do I enroll? 

If you are in CCC+ and part of Anthem Healthkeepers Plus, you can enroll at with your Medicaid ID #. Please contact us at if you have any difficulty. If you are on the DD Waiver, fill out the form below and we will contact you to help you create your profile.

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