MySupport is no longer available - for now

For the last four years, we’ve had the privilege of working with leading disability and aging advocates from across the country to help connect those seeking support with workers they can trust. In MySupport, we developed a new kind of matching services registry, that connects people with disabilities and workers on the basis of common values and personality alongside traditional factors, like location, availability and skill set.

Unfortunately, while we’re proud of the work that MySupport has done helping people with disabilities and older adults to self-direct their own services, we were never able to build a broad enough customer base to sustain the cost of the platform. We still believe that values-based matching is an important part of the future of disability and aging services, and that self-direction is crucial to building a more inclusive world. But in order to make that possible, we need payers to be willing to invest in the infrastructure necessary to support it.

We’re proud of what we built, and will be spending the coming months looking to find a home where the MySupport technology can live again. It is our most sincere hope that MySupport will return soon. Until then, we wish you the best of luck and appreciate the opportunity we have had to work with you these last few years.